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Warm up in the winter

Relax and peace of mind. In winter, warm up in Pomerania.

Healing and relaxing massages, regenerative rituals, aromatic peeling, that is: miracles for the body and magic for the soul. In winter, we crave warmth and sunshine, and our body, tired by low temperatures, wants to rest. You will not rest and heat up as well as in Pomeranian hotels and at their unique SPA zones.

Warmth, quiet, peace, aromas that soothe the nerves, relax the body and uplift the soul. In an everyday hustle, it is worth to find a moment and take care of yourself. No one needs to be convinced that thanks to this we gain new energy to live and regenerate our body. Pomerania hotels is a fantastic and extremely rich accommodation base with SPA zones that will help you gain strength for the upcoming winter weeks.

On cold days it is necessary to think about warming up the body. A warm chocolate-orange ritual performed in the spa zone of the Hanza Hotel in Gdansk can be perfect for a good start. This combination of energizing body peeling based on orange and cinnamon, and aromatic massage with warm chocolate. The ritual will heat up and stimulate the release of endorphins, while also cultivating the skin. The original fragrance of oranges, cloves and chocolate will awaken the senses, and the Chinese head massage performed during the ritual will bring relief.

Duration: 1.5 h, cost: PLN 350


The chocolate mentioned before is known for its beneficial properties, which is why Hotel Gdańsk Boutique also focuses on chocolate relaxation. The feast for the senses consists of: an aromatic ritual made of bitter chocolate, which smoothes the body and a royal feast – a nourishing face treatment. Duration: 2.5 h, cost: PLN 520,1602,1606,1,pages.html


The experts from the spa zone of the hotel in Quadrille in Gdynia, take us to the land of orange, chocolate and cinnamon. Nutrideal is a regenerating-nourishing ritual dedicated to the face and body skin. Nutrideal treatment, thanks to the richness of natural oils and the beneficial power of active ingredients, provides the skin with strong regeneration, nutrition and intensive hydration. It effectively counteracts the skin flaccidity and immediately improves its elasticity. Duration: 90 minutes, cost: PLN 350 The cost of the treatment for two: PLN 650

An original proposal is a candle massage, and in practice – warm oil from a burning candle for massage. This is the offer of the Aubrecht Country Spa Resort, located in the unusually picturesque area of ​​southern Kashubia. Valuable vegetable oils, coconut oil and beeswax intensely moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin, leaving it velvety smooth for many hours. In addition, the oil wraps the skin with pleasant warmth, relaxes blockages and muscle tension. The subtle aroma of essential oils deeply relaxes and makes you feel good. Duration: 50 min, cost: 170 PLN


From southern Kashubia we move to Bory Tucholskie, to Notera Hotel SPA, where we undergo a relaxing feast for the body and senses – anti-gravity massage. Its basis is warm sea buckthorn oil. During the massage, we drift on the surface of pleasantly warm water, which intensifies the feeling of relaxation. The effect of this treatment is naturally illuminated and smoothed skin, and also fantastic relaxation.

Cost: 60 min/PLN 229, 30 min/PLN 109


How about a return to Tricity and a view of the Gulf of Gdansk? Few landscapes can match the winter Baltic and its Gulf. Hotel Nadmorski in Gdynia recommends a collagen ritual. It is performed by specialists from the Genesis Institute, who help to fully relax and get rid of the stress.

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Warm up during winter in Pomerania. There are no such SPA offers anywhere else.For more information go to:

Between a party destination and a resort. Two faces of Sopot

Never-ending parties in Sopot has become legendary. But there is also another, calmer face of ‘the best party destination’.
Sopot is a city of contrasts and has both a calm and a wild face. Let’s begin with the latter. Especially in high season, Sopot is a city that never sleeps. In summer, crowds flock to famous Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street commonly known as ‘Monciak’ to party all night long in one of dozens night clubs. Everyone will find something to their liking here – from the latest hits, through the music of the 80s, to Latino rhythms. Sopot also boasts one of the best and most excellent restaurants in Pomorskie. Everything is at hand – from fresh fish straight from the sea to Mexican dishes.
Sopot is also an important cultural centre. A must for contemporary art buffs as well as those who prefer more classical art is the National Art Gallery, located at the end of the street, in the Zdrojowy Square. Other cultural spots include the Wybrzeże Theatre Chamber Stage and auction houses selling works of applied and decorative art. In the vicinity, there is also famous SPATiF, the original Society of Polish Theatre and Film Artists, a meeting place of Polish artists visited by, among others, Faye Dunaway, Jerzy Skolimowski, and Roman Polański.

Another major cultural spot is the Forest Opera, located near the sea, which has held concerts of top international artists for years, such as Elton John, Sting and Whitney Houston.
The other face of Sopot is much calmer. The benefits of its climate were first mentioned about 1770, when the first dressing room for the baths was opened there. The foundation stone for the future infrastructure was laid by the godfather of the city, Jean Haffner. At first, the healing power of Sopot was put down to cold baths in the sea. Over time, however, the resort was developing, both in terms of ideology and technology, and became a modern and attractive tourist destination, where visitors can improve their health, relax and forget about their problems. Another spot you can’t pass up is the Balneological Centre near the famous Sopot pier. This building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century offers saline baths, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and a variety of other rehabilitation treatments. Such treatments are particularly recommended for patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases or rheumatic disorders.

Pre-Christmas shopping madness only in Tricity malls

Holidays are right around the corner. During that special time, of course most we think about are presents – which gift placed under the Christmas tree is going to bring greatest joy to our loved ones. What to choose? – it’s an important question. Where to go Christmas shopping? – even more important! We know the answer: Christmas shopping is best done in Tricity. This choice of malls is nowhere else!

Let’s not be modest: Tricity is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. The best shopping centers tour starts from Downtown Gdańsk. Here, quite recently, in 2018, the innovative commercial, service and cultural complex of the Forum Gdańsk was opened. It has a great location – right next to the SKM Downtown railway station and right along the tram line. It has also a lot of parking spaces, so shopping is even more convenient. At Forum Gdańsk we can find as many as 220 retail and service points. We will do shopping here both in boutiques, which have not been available in Tricity until now, as well as in well-known and popular stores. We have a huge selection: from chains to proprietary stores. We will buy here clothes, footwear, accessories, but also electronics and gadgets. Everything you need can be found in one place.

People who prefer a more intimate atmosphere when shopping, will certainly go to the Madison shopping center. This is a popular shopping center for Gdańsk’s residents and tourists, which has been on the city map for many years. Although its area is smaller than the previously mentioned Forum Gdańsk, there are also many shops here, where you can make satisfying shopping. From popular fashion chains, through shoe stores to boutiques with underwear and handbags.

From the city center, we move to Wrzeszcz. This well-known district is a perfect place for shopping madness. First, we look into the Manhattan shopping center, which is located at the main Tricity communication route. Manhattan is the epitome of the history of Gdańsk merchants –  there were always shops and boutiques dictating fashion in Gdańsk in this area. Today, Manhattan is, like Madison, a medium-sized shopping center that will satisfy customers who prefer shopping in a more intimate atmosphere and have strict preferences. At the same time, Manhattan is also a library, language centers, gym and bowling. Nothing can prevent you from using such an offer.

Those who prefer to have more choice or are still not determined will definitely choose Galeria Bałtycka. It is the largest shopping center in Gdańsk. On three levels there are several dozen shops with clothing, gadgets, footwear, underwear and handbags. We can find here a hairdresser, perfumeries, jewelry stores, electronics stores and, of course, an extremely rich food court. As the greatest lovers of Galeria Bałtycka say: here you will dress from head to toe and buy many things for the whole family. It is worth to follow Galeria Bałtycka’s offers because regular events are held here regularly: fashion shows, fairs and meetings with famous people of Pomerania. An even bigger shopping center, the largest in Pomerania, is Riviera, which we can is located in Gdynia. There are almost 250 stores on two levels. Shopping in Rivera is a job for the whole day. This is a Tricity shopping center with by far the widest commercial offer. Interestingly, it has been decorated in a friendly and intuitive way, making it easy to find yourself here. Numerous restaurants and cafes as well as friendly surroundings make shopping madness in Rivera passes in a pleasant way

Tricity’s shopping centers – from Gdansk to Gdynia are places where you can find everything you need for yourself and your loved ones. You can choose between larger and more intimate objects, between those which you can easily reach by public transport and those where you can easily park your car. Tricity malls tempt with a rich and diverse offer, and competitive prices. Customers can always count on professional service (also in English), which will advise and help you buy a dream or an original local product.


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Golf in Poland

Looking for the ultimate golfer’s itinerary in Poland? If you’ve arrived in Pomorskie you’ve just scored a hole-in-one. Almost, to be precise – there are in fact four premier golf resorts within a chip’s distance of all major transport gateways to the region. As every golfer who arrives in Pomorskie seeking a superb golfing experience achieves this feat you won’t end up out-of-pocket having to purchase a drink for everyone at the bar. Speaking of which, the golf resorts and their immediate vicinity abound with bars, restaurants and other facilities that will help you relax after an intense day at the course. Let’s head for the course first though, shall we?

Those more familiar with the sport probably already know which of these golf clubs springs to mind first. It’s the Sierra Golf Club of Wejherowo. That’s right, the one that staged (along with Tokary and Postołowo, we’re taking a closer look at them later on)the ESGA Championship & Cup 2017 Poland. This tournament, following in the footsteps of the 2014 edition (also hosted by Sierra Golf Club), proved to be a major success demonstrating organizational skills of golf associations (Polish Golf Union and the European Golf Association) and the highly professional team in charge of Sierra Golf Club. As for the golf course itself, Søren Clemmensen, former EGA President and member of the executive committee lauded Sierra as one of the best golf courses he had ever been to. And there had been to over 400 of them.

What makes Sierra a real marvel that keeps up with the world’s best? This full-sized 18-hole (a par of 72) world-class golf course was designed by the expert golf-course architect Cameron Sinclair. The 82 hectares big green paradise caters for needs of even the most demanding golf-enthusiast – it is equipped with a state-of-the-art driving range (26 rain-sheltered stands), putting, chipping and pitching green. In fact, Sierra Golf Club goes the extra mile to ensure consumer satisfaction. Experiencing the joy of playing golf in the breathtaking scenery is made even better with the help of state of the art digital equipment. Golf carts are equipped with GPS and 11 inch touchscreen displays. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, you can now check real-time results updates, help yourself to some golf technique tips, check the weather forecast or even order a drink from the club’s bar – all that whilst moving freely around the course. Guests to Sierra Golf Club have also access to the invitingly luxurious Clubhouse as well as to the splendid offer of hotel rooms and apartments. Undoubtedly, the foregoing defines a place more than suitable for hosting major international events, but also business meetings and family get-togethers.

No wonder then that golf is a growing sport in Poland that attracts both domestic and international golfing enthusiasts. Brand new golf resorts spring up around the region, a vivid testament to the flourishing of this sport in Pomorskie and beyond. Heading south towards the Kashubian heartland you’ll find the Tokary Golf Club. With apartments by the golf course on offer, Tokary seems to be the perfect spot to combine playing great golf with exploring the Kashubia region – a hidden gem on Pomorskie’s cultural and historic map. Peace and tranquillity of the countryside might prove conducive to learning for those giving their first go at golf – Tokary offers a selection of training courses under the careful eye of a PGA Poland certified instructor. Oh, and most importantly, Tokary Golf Club has recently undergone an upgrade to an 18 hole course.

The heart of Kashubia boasts another golfing gem – the Postołowo Golf Club. Since it is only 26 kilometres away from Tricity this golf club is also known as Gdańsk Golf and Country Club. This golf club itself, which counts amongst Europe’s largest (its PAR 72 course is 7101 meters long from the back tees), was designed by no one else than Jeremy Turner, a veteran of golf-course design. Some finishing touches were put on recommendations Mikael Ericsson, the director of the PGA European Tour. With the backdrop of magnificent Kashubian Lakes, is it any wonder that this golf club is a real winner?

A little more than a stone’s throw from Pomorskie in the town of Pasłęk in the Warmia region lies the town of Pasłęk with the Sand Valley Golf Club. Founded by the Finnish golf entrepreneur Kui Huikkonen the golf club sticks to a traditional golfing philosophy that puts great emphasis on being close to nature and first-hand exploration of the course. As for the course itself? It offers all a keen golfer can ask for: a 18 hole championship course (par 72), 6 hole par 3 course, roofed 20 bay driving range and a large practice putting green. All that is set on 80 hectares of stunning greenery of Warmia. It is no wonder then that Sand Valley was recognized by the Golf World magazine as one of the TOP100 European golf courses. Recognition came also from the sport’s governing bodies as the course hosted two Pro Golf Tour Events. On top of all that, Sand Valley Golf Club offers great golf and accommodation packages that might come in handy if one considers the proximity to the spectacular Vistula Lagoon.


EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia aims at inspiring curiosity and presenting science in an attractive form. EXPERYMENT offers:

  • 3500 m² exhibition area,
  • over 200 interactive stands,
  • unlimited time of visit,
  • enthusiastic hosts and a good, creative team,
  • over 250 visitors a year,
  • educational offer,
  • special events for families.

Exhibitions encourage interaction: observing, touching, asking questions. They arouse the curiosity of both children and grown-ups. The most attractive part for visitors is exploring mysteries of physics and nature directly.

The heart of EXPERYMENT comprises five permanent exhibitions:

  • Hydroworldis dedicated to the power of water,
  • Invisible Forces make physics more accessible,
  • Operation: Humanpresents how human body and senses work,
  • The Tree of Life shows harmony, beauty and fascinating strengths of nature,
  • Direction Health proves that health doesn’t mean lack of illness, but general well-being resulting from taking proper care of physical, mental and social aspects of daily life.

EXPERYMENT stands use technological solutions, mobile apps and anatomical models and attract visitors of all ages.

An interesting fact:

There are 78 different organs in the human body. The heart is of a size of a clenched fist, it contracts 100 thousand times and pumps about 10 thousand litres of blood a day. Can you place organs in a phantom like puzzles? Visit EXPERYMENT and find out!

What’s on in Pomorskie

Opener Festival

47 July, Gdynia-Kosakowo

One of the most interesting music festivals in Europe. In 2017, over 120 thousand people gathered at Gdynia‑Kosakowo military airport to listen to the most popular contemporary artists. It’s one of the few festivals that combine performances of pop and alternative artists in such a spectacular way. This years’s line-up includes such classics of music as Depeche Mode and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds as well as Bruno Mars, Danish singer MØ, Migos group, Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz.

22th Shakespeare Festival

27 July 5 August, Gdańsk

The next edition of festival in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre has big names and unusual experiences in store. Like every year, giants of the contemporary theatre have been invited to present their interpretations of works of the famous Englishman. This year, performances from all over the world, beginning with Great Britain, through North Korea, to Zimbabwe will be staged.

An interesting part of the festival will be the Summer Shakespeare Academy with workshops, meetings with authors and seminars. What’s more, fans of the playwright will surely enjoy events held as part of ShakespeareOFF, where Shakespeare’s works are presented in a contemporary form such as performance, stand-up, dance or happening.

St Dominics Fair

28 July 19 August, Gdańsk

A historical event held in the heart of Gdańsk. St Dominic’s Fair has been held for 758 years since 1260 when Pope Alexander IV allowed Dominicans from Gdańsk to organise a fair in order to incline people to participate in the church-fair service. Beside Oktoberfest and Weihnachtsmarkt, it’s the largest outdoor fair in Europe. During the fair, artisans and merchants from all over Poland gather to present their goods, ranging from handicrafts, through local delicacies, to works of art. St Dominic’s Fair is a must for those who want to travel back in time, haggle, as well as eat and drink in the hubbub of vendors and artists.

Slow Fest Sopot

2324 July, Sopot

A culinary feast in a ‘slow’ version. Slow Fest Sopot gathers 200 cooks from all over Poland, who promote regional and traditional dishes as well as culinary experiments for sophisticated foodies. The guiding idea of the festival is Slow Food philosophy aiming at restoring traditional meetings at the table in the contemporary busy world. All that in the surroundings of the waves on the longest, over half a kilometre long, pier on the Baltic Sea.

The 6th edition of the festival includes such attractions as food tasting – 70 000 tasting portions to choose from, PLN 5 each – as well as regional beer tasting, culinary lectures and workshops.

Historical reenactments

2022 July, Malbork

11 August, Gniew

One of unique attractions in Poland is a possibility of participating in historical reenactments. It’s a chance not only to improve your knowledge of history, but also to experience it first-hand. The most exciting events this year include the Siege of Malbork and Vivat Vasa. The first one is a reenactment of the famous attempt to conquer the fortress of the Teutonic Order by the forces of Władysław II Jagiełło. Despite outnumbering the opponent and the great moral and military victory in the Battle of Grunwald, the army of the King of Poland didn’t manage to break the castle defence. Vivat Vasa is the famous duel in Gniew between the members of the Vasa dynasty, Sigismund III Vasa, the King of Poland, and Gustav II Adolf, the King of Sweden. The reenactments will take place in the defence walls preserved intact. The castle in Malbork is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sports events


Pomorskie also promotes physical activity both for amateurs and professionals. Here’s our pick of top sports events for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and develop their passions or feel like supporting others during sports competitions:

  • CSIO 5* International Show Jumping Competition Sopot, 1417 June
  • PKO Bank Polski Midsummer Night Run Gdynia, 2223 June
  • Triathlon Gdańsk Gdańsk, 15 July
  • Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days Gdynia, 25 June 17 July
  • Biegun OCR RUN Quicksand Gdynia, 1415 July
  • Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia powered by Herbalife Gdynia, 35 August
  • 25th St Dominic’s Run Gdańsk, 4 August
  • Castle Thriatlon Malbork Malbork, 89 September

Good quality at a air price

Although there are plenty of department stores in Gdańsk, there is only one outlet centre in Tricity, where you should start your shopping spree. Located in district Szadółki in Gdańsk, near Tricityring road, Designer Outlet Gdańsk offers 100 best fashion and lifestyle brands and is a paradise for fans of a growing smart shopping trend. Here, you can buy quality products even at a 90% discount!

Smart shopping is a term gaining significance in the field of contemporary fashion market. Who is a smart shopper? Firstly, a smart shopper is a client aware of their needs, who makes reasonable decisions, pays attention to details, is frugal and doesn’t spend money on the spur of the moment. A smart shopper knows the value of top quality dresses, trousers, or shoes – knows, that it’s not only about the look of clothes or an impressive tag, but also – or primarily – on their durability, quality and reliability. At the same time, the client takes economics into account and tries to purchase the dream product at the most attractive price possible – overpaying is neither pleasant nor trendy!

Designer Outlet Gdańsk opens up such opportunities. It’s not a standard department store – the complex is designed to look like a fishing village, and its symbol that can be seen from afar is a lighthouse. It’s great to fish for great occasions in such a cosy and convivial atmosphere! The available brands include Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Benetton, Pepe Jeans, Asics, Nike and New Balance. A 30% discount on a regular price is a minimum, which is always offered. But very often discounts are much higher, even up to 80 or 90%! What’s more, there are also some additional special offers, such as ‘Buy two, get one free’ or extra -50% on the second product. It’s a perfect place for smart shoppers!

Come and check it for yourself!