Warm up in the winter

Relax and peace of mind. In winter, warm up in Pomerania. Healing and relaxing massages, regenerative rituals, aromatic peeling, that is: miracles for the body

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Golf in Poland

Looking for the ultimate golfer’s itinerary in Poland? If you’ve arrived in Pomorskie you’ve just scored a hole-in-one. Almost, to be precise – there are

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Welcome to Pomorskie. We’re in north of Poland, where the autumn / winter season can be warmer than you think. The sea is rough, but seen from the window of a climatic restaurant becomes beautiful and romantic. Here you can take a rest. Explore Tricity – Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, where each of the cities has something extraordinary to offer. Taste the specialties of our autumn menu and take it home. Find your fashion inspiration, mix it with our local treausure, the Baltic amber. Relax at one of the luxurious SPAs. Chose your own way to recharge your batteries. It’s all for you.

Pomorskie | Come and find your story


Welcome to Pomorskie | Three cities, one destination

Welcome to Pomorskie

Pomorskie is not only the Tricity agglomeration and the coast… This fascinating region offers a lot more opportunities than the beaches, the sea and the sun. It is an area with diverse natural and cultural advantages which enabled the development of various forms of tourism all the year round. Just as the Baltic shares its amber treasure, Pomorskie gives us the best it has to offer. Indeed, visitors praise not only picturesque natural monuments and unique historical artefacts but hospitality and cheerfulness of the people. Here you can do ‘everything’, the only problem being the choice.In the sunny summer, you can rest in one of the plenty coastal resorts, get suntanned on the beach, windsurf or kitesurf. If you brave enough you can also paraglide along the coast or water-ski. Summertime is the obvious time to visit Pomorskie, but the appearances can be deceptive.Pomorskie is an intensely living region also during spring and autumn. These are the best seasons of the year to explore the region and get familiar with the culture. Regardless of the time of your arrival, you should start your excursion from the multicultural Tricity. This metropolitan area is composed of three diversed cities: Gdańsk–Sopot–Gdynia. These are vibrant cultural centres with wide offer of concerts, festivals and other unique – often surprising – events. You can also fulfil your need of modern art which you can find anywhere as it develops spontaneously in various spots of the agglomeration. The recommended events include the International Street & Open-Air Theatres Festival FETA, Open’er or Globaltica World Culture.In winter, Pomorskie is the best place to recover and rest. In this season of the year, the coastal resorts provide asylum for dwellers from the large, polluted cities who can come here to enjoy clean air, excellent climate, peace, quiet and high quality spa&wellness centres but also medical treatments. A winter time stay on the seaside can be a successful equivalent of a visit to an oxygen bar or a massage therapist. Many places offer hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy treatments which are parts of rehabilitation and prophylaxis, as well as specialised beauty care services.All in all, Pomorskie will exquisitely satisfy your appetite for relaxation and rest at any time of the year and certainly surprise you from time to time.

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